Inside: ‘Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’

Dr Strangelove

A behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of one of the classics of modern cinema. Including interviews with many members of the cast and crew of this story about the scramble by the heads of state to head off a rogue general’s attempt to launch a nuclear war, this film gives fans a wealth of new information on the work and effort that went into bringing the film to fruition.

What we are dealing with, said Kubrick at our first real talk about the situation, is film by fiat, film by frenzy. What infuriated him most was that the "brains" of the production company could evaluate the entire film — commercially, aesthetically, morally, whatever — in terms of the tour de force performance of one actor. I was amazed that he handled it as well as he did. I have come to realise, he explained, that such crass and grotesque stipulations are the sine qua non of the motion-picture business. And it was in this spirit that he accepted the studio’s condition that this film, as yet untitled, would star Peter Sellers in at least four major roles. It was thus understandable that Kubrick should practically freak when a telegram from Peter arrived one morning:

Dear Stanley: I am so very sorry to tell you that I am having serious difficulty with the various roles. Now hear this: there is no way, repeat, no way, I can play the Texas pilot, ‘Major King Kong.’ I have a complete block against that accent. Letter from Okin [his agent] follows. Please forgive. Peter S.

For a few days Kubrick had been in the throes of a Herculean effort to give up cigarettes and had forbidden smoking anywhere in the building. Now he immediately summoned his personal secretary and assistant to bring him a pack pronto. Notes from The War Room by Terry Southern

War Room Maquette

The Documentary is broken down into five parts, and can be found on Cinephilia and Beyond's YouTube channel.