'Red Bull Perspective - A Skateboard Film,'

A Skateboard film shot on RED/Phantom by Director Nicholas Schrunk with Hawk anamorphics crafts a story that takes the viewer into the lives of todays premier skaters

Stemming from the theme of team/environment and creating a visual feeling “through the eyes” I wanted to shoot true anamorphic lenses for the entire project and not have to crop to 16:9 but show the native 2.40 2x stretched image. Besides just the flare effects the feeling that the format gives you is quite unique and instantly takes your guard down, encouraging you to listen and pay attention for what’s about to happen on-screen. Committing to the format was quite a challenge as we ended up having to do 5 separate shoots between the different back-stories, pickups, etc and we ended up shooting nearly every brand of anamorphic