Hawk Vintage 74s

These New Hawk Anamorphic lenses look spectcular, developed to recreate a vintage look.The current set of Hawk Vintage ’74 lenses includes 35, 45, 55, 65, 85 and 110.

How did they do this? There was no secret laboratory that held coatings from 1974 on ice, deep in the mountains of Germany. In my conversation with Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler (owners of Hawk Vantage) I learned that they researched how the coatings of older 70′s lenses were made. Then after two years of research and design they discovered how these coatings could be recreated and applied to their Hawk Vintage 74′s. Let me tell you, their research and design really paid off. The lenses mechanics are as amazing and precise, and the coating and optics gives the camera an organic, beautiful look. I can say hands down, the Hawk Vintage 74′s make the red Epic look the best I’ve seen, more organic and beautiful then any lens out there, spherical or otherwise. A frequent comment when viewing the footage is “wow, I thought that was shot with an Alexa.” That has a lot to do with preconceptions about how Epic footage looks, but also is a testament to the look of the beautiful look of the Hawk Vintage ’74s.