Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III

Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to industry DSLR's. This morning after porting the ability to record short bursts of RAW to the Canon 5D MKIII, the developers have done the seemingly impossible and given us a continuous raw recording mode on the Canon 5D Mark III.

Over on EOS_HD

The image is leaps and bounds ahead of any other DSLR. We’re talking Alexa / Red league here, yet full frame. The first ever raw video shooting full frame camera at that. I’m getting continuous recording at a data rate to the card of 90MB/s and the camera hardly breaks into a sweat.

Canon 5D Mark III Continuous Raw Video with Magic Lantern (1920x1280 24p) from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.